Why Taking A Break From Social Media Is So Important

Hi ya’ll

^ I’m not from the south, not sure why “ya’ll” came to mind as my intro.

Any who.

Curled up in bed. Today was, and still is for another 29 minutes, Monday. For me, it was my Sunday. I slept in, ran errands, saw a movie with my brother and attended an agency meeting with 11 other models in Beverly Hills. My weeks and weekends are often flipped and ever changing. My past weekend was spent babysitting my 3 sweet little cousins and caring for their 2 little doggies. 5:30am wake up times Saturday and Sunday with the kids had me sleeping in on Monday until 10am. Hats off to everyone living the mommy life! It’s not easy.

My motivation for social media has finally come to sprout after about a two and a half week break. The Instagram app had been deleted on my phone, only to be re-downloaded when I needed to check messages for work, or post about my blog.

PHEWWWW did it feel good to not be on the addictive social train. I had found myself weeks prior to the social break checking that damn phone every chance I could get my hands on it. At the stop light-check. Pauses at dinner-check. Right as I woke up- check. Right before I went to bed- check. Waiting at the doctors office-check. In line to get a coffee-check.


I mean the list goes on and on and on and ON about the number times that phone was checked.

We don’t even realize how addicted we are to it until a step is taken back and awareness is brought to light around how many hours is spent on it.

I personally circle and bob each day, each week, each month, every year in and out of over using, under using and just plan not using my Instagram.

3 years ago my modeling agent in LA said to me when I moved back from NYC, “Hi, welcome back. How many Instagram followers do you have??” The first TWO sentences out of his mouth. I thought to myself, dang it’s really happening huh. Social media REALLY does matter that much in this modeling market.

Social media is an absolute KEY component for marketing yourself in modeling. We write our Instagram names down at castings. Our agents send out our model books AND our Instagram handles to clients. If you’re up for a job against another girl, they may like your look better, but if the other girl has more followers, BOOM she’s booked. More marketing for the company and potential exposure for the brand if she posts about it.

All of that being said, there’s times I enjoy the creative part about social media,. The freedom and access that is there to reach out to photographers and get inspired. The access to information that is on Social Media can be super helpful as well. I’ve truly LEARNED a lot from postings i’ve read and been lead to from the app.

Why I found it so nourishing this past two weeks from breaking on social was, I became SUPER present to everything going on around me. I needed something from the people around me. I needed to talk, to hear their stories, to have the silence and boredom be filled by real human contact and conversation.

My time in the car has been filled with podcasts, watching my surroundings more. I’ve found myself calling my friends and family more as well. I’ve been writing more blogs and reading more books. Ive felt inspired by people around me. Vibrant foods eaten, and cute lattes poured.

My electronic filter on life was cleansed and I was not comparing my reality to what I was seeing on this little hand held device. Everything felt raw and real. And, Hey it wasn’t all fun and games. Times when I needed an escape from the kids this past weekend, or painfully long doctor office visits. Or don’t get me started on needing a SUPER distracting escape when sitting in LA traffic. Those were all boring AF moments.

However, something interesting happened. I slowly was able to put up with other boring or mundane moments in my life.  I wasn’t so bothered by skipping my $6 coffee indulgence in the am. Or skipping going to the health food store and getting a cup and a half of chocolate chips- the weirdest addiction I know but it was happening every, single day. The sugar high was too good to beat. The boring moments that I could control, made me stronger and less bothered by the boring moments I COULDN’T control.

Wrapping up. Taking a break from Social Media is always a good idea. Invest in yourself and your relationships around you more. Let yourself get bored while waiting in line somewhere. Stare at other cars around you while in traffic and make up stories about the other drivers. You may be surprised how your body and heart start to search for entertainment and communication OUTSIDE of the little device.