When You Really, Reeeeeeally Don’t Want To Exercise

hi all,

Happy Hump Day 🙂

My week has been super busy with work, errands and catching up on appointments. Mostly boring shiz. Today I found myself struggling to get into the gym, Yes, I TOO struggle with getting my butt to go exercise. This week my motivation to JUST GO came from remembering how good I felt after a  kick ass workout last Saturday.

My brain, today, was filled with thoughts like: What will I do at the gym? How long will I have to do it for? What if this work out isn’t working? Ugh, I just took a shower last night, do I really want to mess up my hair?

*Read in Oprah’s voice* People. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EXCUSE!


Last Saturday I was truly convinced that I was not going to make it to the gym. Nah I told myself. No need, as I eat a bag of popcorn for breakfast. So, I messaged my brother who is great at hearing me rant, then telling me to get over it and go to the gym anyways. He hashed out a list of why I should go. Nothing really struck me deep in my bones, but the fact that I had just let someone know I was struggling to get there, helped motivate me. Being held accountable in your life is HUGE. I’d say it’s 60% of the struggle.

Can I tell you that Saturday, I had the best freakin’ work out I had had in WEEKS. I got over the mental slump to not go and ignored all the excuses in the world. Threw on my work out clothes and headphones, started blasting T pain- he really gets me going, and got to the gym.

The 45 minutes spent on a mix of cardio and strength training gave me such a rush of adrenaline, excitement and sweat. My legs were shaking and I probably had the biggest, tired but satisfied smile across my face.

The biggest challenge is to just get yourself there. Putting on the shoes. Tying your hair back. Getting in the car. And just going. Just getting dressed makes you feel like you’re doing something productive. It’s not easy, I promise you that. But it’s always always always going to be worth it in the long run.

Whether you’re trying to make it to the gym or whatever it may be you’re struggling with to stick with. Bring a family member or friend in to help hold you accountable. For me, the small act of sending a few ‘help me, i’m whining” messages was enough of a release to get me to go work out.

This posting was short and sweet but I hope it helps the next time you’ve come up with 99 reasona to not hit the gym.

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