What Happened When I Went 5 Months Without Alcohol

Back in September I was determined to figure out what was causing my chronic head aches that had been going on for a year and a half. I cut out alcohol planning to only be booze-less for 2 months. At the same time of the heath elimination diet, I started working with a trainer. To see my results faster, my trainer suggested to cut the booze for a bit.

I gained a number of insights over those 5 months with no alcohol.

I don’t fall off my work out/ healthy eating routines for as long and as fast as I use to

I would say I am more of a social drinker, only having wine when I am out for dinner with friends, or attending an event. Rarely would I buy alcohol to have and keep at home. Some weeks though, my rule of only drinking when I was out, would result in drinking almost every night. Especially around the holidays when there are parties out the wazoo and casual chill evenings in front of the fire sipping a glass of Pinot with girlfriends.

Nights like these would throw me out of my work out routines faster than I had even realized when I look back on it now. I would be hung over, bloated, tired, sleepy, and feel like crap the next day. Not to mention the unhealthy late night food I more than likely consumed while sipping 2-3 glasses. I would be so upset with myself and say,” Ah well Ill just eat and drink a few more nights and then get back on the healthy train.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this ride of achieve to be extremely physically fit, it’s that CONSISTENCY is key!

A day or two here and there won’t kill you if you miss a work out or eat a big-ole pizza. Sometimes you need those nights. BUT when your missed workouts and nights of greasy pizza start to add up 1, 2, 3, nights out of 7 of consuming unhealthy foods, the temptation to give up for a bit is far greater.

Drinking your feelings away is real

I noticed the first month I felt a little… sad I shall say. Kinda bummed out that I wasn’t seeing my friends as much, didn’t have anything to take the edge off after a long day, and I started seeking other ways to alter my consciousness. After about a month, theses low and lonely feelings started to melt away and I sought out happiness and comfort in SO many other ways.

Calling my friends more

Really valuing those around me without being buzzed off booze.

I got outside more

I read more books

Was less likely to make poor eating decisions

Saved money on uber rides and drinks out

As for my dating life, I was easily able to weed out ass holes with a clear head

“Let’s grab a drink” is generally a guys go to as a first date. This can be fun, but I also realized this can skew your perception of who someone truly is. It was also interesting telling guys that I wasn’t drinking. Some didn’t text me back, some were like “uh really”? and the ones that has some quality and value to them said no problem and came up with something else fun for us to do.

I felt like I accomplished something that only I was holding myself to

The sense of achievement I felt after those five months was so rewarding. I can honestly say I wasn’t anticipating this feeling. I felt mentally stronger and almost like I could take on anything that life had to throw at me.

Whether you’re thinking about cutting booze for weight loss, financial reasons or just wanna give it a go. I highly recommend it. Find a friend to do it with, or share your journey on social media with others. This holds you accountable and you feel quite rewarded at the end of the journey.