Interview with Yvette Bax

Location: Planet Xancara, Cape Town, South Africa

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Yvette Bax, a free lance travel journalist from Amsterdam. We both met while on a holiday/work trip to Cape Town. Yvette’s career and life style choice sparked my interest when we spent some time together at a magical camping retreat called Planet Xancara. We couldn’t have been closer to nature at Xancara and it was the quintessential environment to sit down with one another and chat.

I had never officially interviewed someone before and I must say I was quiet nervous. Yvette expressed how funny it felt to be on the other side of an interview as the interviewee. Breaking the ice to interview a stranger was extremley raw, vulnerable and electrifying. What if I asked the wrong thing or stuck a sensitive spot with a question? I had no idea what to ask or how to get the the conversation going and eventually we started causally chatting about our surroundings.

The night before the interview, a few fellow camp members, myself and Yvette took a stroll away from the lights of Xancara to get a peak at the nights sky. Yvette expressed how at home she feels when she looks up at the stars. “The stars are one of the few things that can stop my busy mind for a while. While I’m constantly traveling and taking myself away from home, if I am worried about the future or the past, I just look up at the stars where ever I am and know it’s going to be OK for now.”

Yvette works for several major news papers and travel magazines in her home town of Amsterdam but rarely ever finds herself in Amsterdam. Half of the locations she writes about are of her choosing and half are locations invited by airlines to report on. Talk about the ideal job.

One of her more recent assignments was for Singapore airlines. In the last year, the airline opened up new travel destinations to Australia and New Zealand. One journalist from each country around the world was invited to join for a week or so exploring AUS and NZ. From hot air balloons to dinning in some of the best restaurants down unda has to offer, Yvette finds it challenging to maintain a balance to stay healthy with the lack of control over what she is fed on press trips. “You don’t want to opt out of what everyone else is eating, afternoons are sometimes spent drinking delicious wine and munching on tapas. Food and wine is how people connect. How can I say no to that?”

Growing up food was nothing to her. All she wanted to do was enjoy candy, sweet and chocolate. Her sweet tooth is something we both have in common. I can go for a gooey, warm chocolate chip cookie any time, any day. These days while Yvette is on the road, she has to take a night away from the group to just enjoy herself and have a night salad for dinner. This helps get her back on track of maintaining her ideal diet and doesn’t make her feel as guilty for consuming so much food and wine.

Someday, Yvette would love to meet someone and settle down to have a family. However for now, her love for traveling and need to be independent is a heavy stream running through her veins. She’s expressed concern as to how she will adapt to caring for another and having to root herself in one place for more than a weeks time. Will her work suffer? It will indeed change her flexibility. On a positive side, the beauty of our world today is we can really create any sort of life we’d like. Technology keeps us connected when we are away from our loved ones, and resources to continue to learn and grown internally are at our finger tips aching for us to stay true to our selves.

Yvette is unsure where her next dream journey will be, but she continues to be inspired by the places she goes, the people she meets, and the endless amount of different cultures she experiences.

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Lewis Carroll
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