Tintswalo: A Lodge Luxurious Lodge Amongst Natures Elements

On my recent two month stint in Cape Town, South Africa for their modeling season, I visited a magical 5 star lodge wedged into the cliff side rocks along Chapman’s Peak. Tintswalo  was like no place on earth and unlike anything I could have imagined. After parking in the gated lot, a golf car wound it’s way down the side of the mountain with a breathtaking view of the ocean and an impressive mountain side.

At the bottom of the drive awaited a friendly staff smiling and welcoming us for our nights stay. The front area was decorated in different fancy shades of blue with boisterous flower arrangements scattered about the room. Silver tins of candle holders sprinkled the end tables and mantle above the fireplace.

Led to our room with an ice cold lemonade in hand, my significant being and I walked along a wood boarded path while thin trees colored in greens, pinks and yellows, hung above. The room was called “The Cuisine” lodge written with different shaped shells and colorful tiles.

Stepping into the room I thought I was going to faint. The sound of the waves. The breeze off the ocean. The smell of the salty sea water. The glow from the setting sun. It was heaven on earth.


The room itself made you feel like you were part of the natural elements with the blue ocean colored walls, and a little welcome sign made of sea shells.

The night started of with some delicious white wine followed by a 5 course meal while seated alongside the ocean. The food had us satiated just enough but still wanting more. The first course was salty and comforting brussels sprouts soup, followed by a salad with figs and some kind of nice cheese. To cleanse the plate between appetizers and the main meal, a nice sorbet skating on a frozen block of ice. For the entree I enjoyed a pan seared piece of white fish on a bed of cauliflower. Dessert was to follow…. 🙂

A little history: Tintswalo burned to the ground in Spring of 2015 and was later rebuilt and reopened to the public


Special thanks to Jason Reolon for inviting me as his loving guest to this unforgettable night. 🙂

Our stay at Tintswalo was nothing short of magical and peaceful. I left feeling relaxed and a bit longing for more. But you know what they always say……….”Good things must continue”



Breakfast the next morning before departing

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I highly recommend Tintswalo for your future wedding or get away to a luxurious Cape Town Hotel.

Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel
Chapmans Peak Dr
Cape Town, 7806, South Africa