The More You Sweet The More You Crave


Today I am writing a little something, something about everyone’s favorite indulgence… SWEETS. Ok, so maybe not EVERYONE’S favorite, I suppose you could be into savory…*Cough* boring. Any who, I’ve been very conscious lately about how many sweets I am putting in my body. Ive even been monitoring my fruit intake to see how it would affect my blood sugar levels.

The biggest sugar rush my body was getting was from an apple or two a day and 88% dark chocolate. Now, I know what you’re thinking- wow she’s super boring. And yes, sounds extremely boring but when I started an intense work out program 2 months ago, cutting out  sugar was a must to get the physical results I was wanting. I didn’t really think much of it. UNTIL now after attending my cousins baby shower this past weekend.

Pictures are taken, conversation is made, appetizers are passed and then comes a slice of cake in front of my face. “This cake is dairy-free and gluten-free” the server announces. Woooweee ok I must try! Next thing I know i’ve eating the whole plate of cake and start to munch on my friends next to me. I’m feeling quite happy and satisfied, really not thinking much of it.

Then, over the last few days, my body starts giving unusual cravings for cookies, jelly beans and coke. I don’t even like coke. What in the world was going on, I thought to myself. I then remembered the large, delicious sugary piece of cake that my cells were most likely still holding on to.

Sugar feeds every part of your brain making you feel so good it unconsciously turn into a reward. After my gym session today, I wanted a cookie. After work last night, I wanted a sip of coke. Each time I was craving these sweets was after something physically and mentally draining and my body wanted a quick hit of happiness.

The exciting bit of information is we can train ourselves to not identify sweets as a reward. We can change the way our taste buds react to sweets which in my case, I found a long time ago when I cut out Coke. After a few months, I would sip on it again it tasted horrible. Sugary, processed and just gross.

Bettering our bodies and our inner selves takes effort, mindfulness and one less stop to the vending machine. But I can promise you the benefits are worth it. We have one body in this life. Lets love it and nourish it.


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  1. Kyrston Reply

    Love this! I think you were writing it just for my sweet tooth .. heheh! Love you!

    • MHAYES3107 Reply

      Heheh love YOU