Steps To Clear Skin And The Game Changing Maca Capsule For Hormonal Acne

Hi all,

I’ve happily been on quite a writing streak the last few weeks. This is a result of being less stressed in my daily life so the words and ideas just start to flow. Writing for me is therapeutic and relaxing. I enjoy releasing stories and lessons learned from my personal life with all of you on the interweb.

Monday, while traveling back to LA, I felt the urge to write about my current skin care routine!

Acne is something that I believe everyone can relate to struggling with at some point in their life. Generally skin issues with pimples start around 15 or 16. Some people as young as 12 or 13. For me, it started when I was in 8th grade and was 15 years old. I vividly remember going to my friend Hillary’s house to have “pimple popping” parties. We’d all sprawl out on her mothers bathroom floor, play music and get a facial. It was a juicy experience to say the least 🙂

Cysts, clogged pores, black heads and nasty white heads have affected me up until now. They still do if I don’t stay on top of them. I have done Accutane TWICE in the last 5 years. For those of you who don’t know, this is an extremely intense drug that shrinks your sebaceous glands located at the base of your skull. The glands shrink, producing less oil, therefore making your skill less prone to clogged pores. Sounds amazing right?

Well, life usually doesn’t allow for something so great to have some not so great side affects. The pills negatively affect your joints, liver, eye sight, cause headaches (I suffered majorly from these) and 100% of the time have caused birth defects to babies who’s mothers have been on the pill while being pregnant. The pill makes your skin SUPER sensitive to sunlight and you’re cautioned to not drink while taking them. Silly me at the age of 23, living in Miami, was out in the beating sun every single day whether it was tanning, or just walking around South Beach. I was drinking many nights out of the week as well while on the pill. Thank you body for hangnin’ in there until I came to my senses and stopped all the non sense.

Now, the pill DID work like magic. Can’t lie about that. However, it’s not something you can take forever and like anything, problems come back down the road once you stop taking it.

Last fall my skin was  A MESS!

After 3 months of sticking to a good routine, my skin is clear!

So now to share my current skin routine. Also, everything I use will be linked below!

My days look like this:

Waking up each morning and washing my face with filtered water. I use Keys Island RX foaming cleansing face wash followed up by a toner. I then use a non comedogenic face lotion. This means the lotion isn’t as likely to clog my pores.


Last fall while shopping at my favorite health store in LA, Erewhon. I was recommended to try “Femmenessence”. It’s a highly concentrated capsule of maca powder. The maca powder has been found to help balance hormones. This was HUGE for me. I realized I would get big cysts right before my period started. After 3 months of taking this maca pill, guess what? The damn things went away. Honestly never thought possible that this would have helped. I had gone to a dermatologist and been given spironolactone to help with my acne. I struggled with deciding whether or to take these. I am SO happy I did not.

SO twice a day I take the maca powder capsules.

At night I finish up the day by gently taking my make up off with a burt’s bees make up removing wipe. I then wash my face with filtered water and cleanse with a tea tree cleanser. The cleanser kills bacteria and helps dry up pores. If you’re prone to dry skin already, may not be the product for you.  I then run an ice cube over my face for 30 seconds. This helps close up the pores and tightens the skin. Lastly, I use my rose water toner and moisturizer  to finish.

Once a week I use a clay mask called “Indian Bentonite healing clay” Super inexpensive on Amazon. I mix this with warm filtered water and a bit of apple cider vinegar.


Every 2 months I get a facial. These have also been a major game changer for my skin. I see a woman in West Hollywood at Simply Porcline who knows what she’s doing!!! She has educated me SO much on how to properly take care of my skin. As I said above, I love popping pimples and use to really dig at my own clogged pores. Well, as i’ve gotten older Ive scarred my face and caused the small clogged pores to turn into cysts. Not pretty. She cleans out the pores, does some microdermabrasion and light “zapping” of problem areas.

**Having a good facialist is SO important. I’ve gotten a lot of facials in the past, at fancy places like the Ritz and not so fancy places. I’d often leave with super red and angry skin. Darriene at Simply Porcelin is so careful and gentle, I can’t say this has happened once in the 3 years I’ve been going to her. Love you, D!!!!!

Everyone 6 months I also get an acne chemical peel. Once I turned 25, I noticed that my skin was not turning over like it use to. Scars stuck around and I had some discoloration on my chin.

The peels help take off those layers of skin that have been damaged and leave the skin clean and even. Scar free!

A clean diet, exercising regularly and drinking LOTS of water are also key to clear, happy skin. I learned consuming dairy really makes my skin go crazy. Also, after a night of drinking wine, my skin the next morning will be blotchy and angry.

That wraps up my skin regiment! Below are links to all the things I use on my face.

Here’s to healthy, clear skin 🙂

Femmenessence Maca Pill

Keys Island RX Cleansing Foam 

Lavender Toner

Indian Healing Clay Face Mask

Face Lotion

Desert Essence Tea Tree Face Wash

Burts Bee’s Face Wipes

Esthetician at Simply Porcelain: Darrienne 323-353-5115