My New Flow Of Letting Go

My New Flow Of Letting Go

Hi all,

On a writing frenzy right now. I was cornered on a plane headed back home to KCMO for a wedding while writing this!

Less stress, more flow, more writing. How do people who make a living off writing and keep the juices flowing? I’ve always wondered this…. I’m blocked as all get out when life feels whacky and out of control.

I also realize I’m drawn to write when I feel intense lust for a new someone.. or have solved and resolved a personal challenge… or after I have been traveling…

If you read my posting a few weeks ago, I wrote about this new down shift of mental energy I was taking on. It was time to stop stressing SO MUCH about my diet, who I am, what I am or am not doing. Stressing and obsessing about finding a new modeling agency, feeling trapped in LA, fearing aging, worrying I was going to lose my fit job with Revolve. All that lead back to that fight or flight mode. Perish or survive. Crazy how our brains are still wired that way, huh? Would probably be an easier life if that part of us wasn’t so controlling and intense.

SO, my new motto each day has been, “Everything has been set in place for you this year. Shit’s going to happen. Do nothing more and nothing less.” Yoda popped into my mind when I wrote that hehe.

You guys, guess what’s happened? SO. MUCH. Agency’s have been reaching out, dates have been going so well, the flow of the day has been lighter and brighter. McDonald’s has slipped its way into my life a time or two at night and IT’S FUCKING AWESOME. Get them hot salty french fries girl. Live yo best life.

This downshift has done wonders for my chronic headaches. I still get them a bit, but they are not full on like they have been. I’ve let my guard down around others around me and I’m meeting so many wonderful people.

Life is all mental, which is great and also scary. Knowing you have the power to change your ways and life is liberating and also heavy. Both outcomes are on you……




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