My Luxurious Afternoon At The Catalina Island Spa

Check out at the Inn was 11am sharp…

I quickly gathered my things, threw on some work out clothes and headed for the Catalina Spa located a few streets over from the Inn. One of the many convinces about this little island city is everything is so close! I purchased a 4 hour day pass at the spa for $48 and entered the beautiful property.

The Spa had all the tropical feels with pink bukenvella plants crawling up the walls. Hand painted pots, wall tiles and furniture fabrics with blue and turquoise accent colors. The spa space was small, intimate and quant. The friendly spa guide led me to the women’s lounge where I stored my items in a locker.

I headed for the 12pm circuit workout class. The spa offers several daily work outs including yoga, kickboxing, stair running and cardio blasting training. You can purchase one class pass for $10. The classes are also included in the day pass price.

The yoga studio at the Island Spa in Avalon on Catalina Island. Photo from “The OCR”

I got my sweat on for a consecutive 45 mins rotating from ab planks to push ups to bosu ball lunges. Talk about burning the wine off from the night before. Exercise station’s are one of my FAVORITE ways to work out. Constantly moving around the studio keeps the exercise interesting and also keeps your heart rate up. The large studio had beautiful light colored wood floors, and windows on either side facing east and west. To the east there was a breathtaking view of the harbor with the boats and a pedestrian walk way. Looking out the window to the west, you had a view of the pool and hot tub area.

After the workout, I headed back into the women’s lounge and rotated between the sauna and steam room. I love a good detoxing sweat! The spa smelled of eucalyptus and there was relaxing meditative music playing over the speakers.

 Sauna’s can help cleanse your skin, increase circulation, open up your airways and sinuses, ease muscle and rheumatic pain, strengthen your immune system, improve joint movement and act as a great stress release for tension.


Women’s Lounge

I took to the roof top on looking the harbor to order lunch from the Encanto Cafe located inside the spa. The staff was on top of everything offering waters, teas and even sparring a phone charger. What WOULD I do without my cell phone….? Disconnect even more, maybe? 🙂

A yummy yogurt parfait with toasted granola arrived. I generally try to avoid dairy as it causes head aches and acne flair ups, but this parfait sounded to good to pass up. I also ordered an organic chicken wrap and a green botanical elixir drink. The elixir was delightful and fresh with green apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, and fresh grated ginger. Not a bad view below huh?

I ate my food in peace as I looked over the harbor and did a little writing. NOTE they do not have wifi…. bit of a bummer but also forces you to unplug from the world.

Wrapping up the spa day, I showered, pampered and prepped with my new True Botanicals skin care products. Did a little body scrub as well after rinsing in a hot/cold water shower and then set off for the ferry feeling freshhhh.

I’d definitely recommend coming for a visit to the spa here on Catalina Island. For the affordable price point and easy access from Southern California, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time. 🙂




Workout Classes: Yes
Massage, nail and more spa services: Yes
Wifi: No
Women’s spa room: Yes
Steam and Sauna: Yes
Shampoo, hair and other female products: Yes
Health Organic food and drink options: Yes
Pool and Hot tub: Yes
Location: Right off the water!


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