Impromptu R&R Trip To The Sensational Catalina Island

Hi Mindful peeps. I’ve just come back from a mini 2 day get away to Catalina Island. I’d been feeling a significant itch to take a vacation. I generally look at the BIG trips away to Europe or somewhere super tropical as a way to get some R&R. Who doesn’t love a long flight that physically and mentally transports you to somewhere half way around the world, leaving your daily duties and routines behind? I know I do. 🙂

However for this months travel budget, there was no need to look further than the coast of Cali for an affordable few days of rest and reset.

12:30am Tuesday night:

Amidst compulsively searching for flights to Europe on the Sky Scanner app, well knowing I did not have the budget to take off abroad, I closed out the browser. Flipping to my Facebook page tab, I stumbled upon an ad for Catalina Island. “Hmmmm” I thought to myself while reviewing the website. “This place looks magical. What’s it all about?”

Sometimes just what you need is right in your backyard, or in my case 45 minutes south on the 405 highway. The ferry that takes you to Avalon, Catalina Island leaves from Long Beach, Cali. One way on the hour long ferry costs anywhere from $36.75 to $56.76 depending on the time of day you depart or return. A ferry ticket is definitely more affordable than that $1,500.00 ticket to Italy! Mindful spending at it’s finest.

I booked the 6am ferry to Catalina and got to packing. I included my favorite incense, an unopened package of True Botanicals– soon to be my favorite natural skin products, and mini candles. These 3 small but powerful self care items helped make my hotel room a sanctuary.

The skies were gray and gloomy as the boat departed from the dock. I was SO exhausted from only getting 3 and a half hours of sleep, but I knew the trip was going to be worth it. While on the ferry, I booked my hotel room at Catalina Island Inn. It looked beachy, cozy and charming.

As the boat pulled up to the dock in Avalon, my insides flickered with pleasure and excitement at the sight of coast line. Holy COW did it look like Cape Town! And Greece! And Italy! I instantly felt transported to another world.

Gray and cloudy view from the dock

I walked the footpath along the sea to my hotel. The little beach town was still asleep with closed shops, empty streets and quiet roads. The road signs to the hotel were so cute and colorful. I checked myself in with the front desk of the less than appealing lobby. You get what you pay for.


Hallway at the Inn

SLEEP was my first priority. I’d wake feeling reseted and ready for the day….

For lunch I dinned at the Avalon Grill. I chose the charred octopus that arrived at the table, presented on a bed of pureed eggplant mixed with grilled corn, kidney beans and red peppers. I coupled the main dish with a side of truffle fries- I was on vacation after all right? All the flavors marinated nicely together and I felt full and satisfied.

After my food digested and settled, I took a ten minute run along Pebble Road to the start of a 3.56 mile hike up through the hills. The little island still had a blanket of gray and gloom over it, but it did not stop the energy of the ocean waves, open air and hill side nature from calming and nourishing my insides. Wow was I feeling good.

The rest of my evening comprised of more exploring, sipping a glass of Pinot Noir over dinner while eating a Salmon. Writing and doing computer work in my room watching a documentary on Polar Bears. How’s that for a little R&R?

The sun came out the last hour that I was on the Island

Watch out for my next blog posting where I share my luxurious experience at the Catalina Spa. The pictures are to die for….
Trip round up details below:

Book the Ferry
Book a hotel
Catalina Island Spa
Hikes: Botanical Gardens Path 3.58 miles
Slight incline to hike. Moderate difficulty
Catalina Chimes Tower via Hogsback trail 2.31 & 3.30miles
Moderate difficulty
Country Club Loop/Descanso 1.43miles
Moderate difficulty
Mt. Ada Loop (I chose this one) 3.57miles


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