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Hi there,

Welcome to my blog, Maddy’s Mindful Matters. This is my second go at a blog. I throughly enjoyed my last one as it was the perfect creative outlet for me. This blog will be filled with inspirational postings, healthy food recipes, work outs, and more! A lot of postings currently up are from last years blog.

This space has been created to serve as a platform to generate conversation and spread mindfulness to the world. Please, please feel free to comment, ask questions or shoot me an email saying hi. Long lost friends and family members- this means you too. 🙂

My postings will never intentionally aim to offend anyone. That being said they will potentially be taboo topics and could be totally out there amongst the star dust floating around in the atmosphere.

Recently, while reading the end of a great book, the author was asked how he sets about writing his book. To which he answered, “I plunge into my unconscious. I allow myself to be guided by the questions my soul asks, but which my mind has not yet understood. In the process of writing, I discover my own anwsers.”

I too write from a place that is untouched, a bit uncomfortable to share, and part of my unconscious mind…

and with that I present to you Maddy’s Mindful Matters.. because living mindfully, matters.


4 Replies

  1. Angela Reply

    Looking forward to your new journey as a blogger! Sending love and light your way

    • MHAYES3107 Reply

      thank you aunt ange!!! love you!

  2. Laura Ferry Reply

    What book is that quote from? It’s fantastic!

    Congratulations on your new blog! I hope you are doing amazingly!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • MHAYES3107 Reply

      hey lady! nice to hear from you. thanks so much for the support!
      i’m not sure where the quote is from 🙁 heard it at some point along the way 🙂

      hope you’re doing well xo