Gentle And Soft. Slow And Understanding

Gentle and soft. Slow and understanding.

I strive each and every day to live by those words written above. There’s tenderness and love laced in the meaning and so much joy.

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks of being in Cape Town. Where DOES time go?? Honestly. It zooms by on it’s Amtrak railway, constantly slowing and stoping and then without notice, picking up speed again. Some stops are wonderful, and open up into beautiful gardens, with birds singing and the leaves on trees blowing. Other stops are quite painful with everything mixing of dark and stormy atoms of emotions and numbers and people acting on their internal pain.

It is pretty crazy that we not only sustain life here on Earth, but also are constantly contracting and expanding into one another learning, growing, and enjoying life.

I would like to think that was the intention of whatever giver of life brought to earth. The mind can be a funny place though.. there is no extreme high without the extreme low.

When making the decision back in December to come to Cape Town, this meant that I would be pulled out of my comfortably structured, but never having 2 days the same, life. Out of my comfort zone, out of familiar pillows of cushion that I walked on at home. Just out here in the hands of others to make a living and support myself. No control what so ever on that front and so it seems I look the other way on the train and join others on their tandem journey.

I’d say Ive finally hit the part of the train ride, that is enjoying it’s lax movement. With that has come the explosive, elixir moments when humans collide and deeply enjoy life together. While other moments of extreme stress and fear creep along the tracks just as aggressively as the streaming sunshine……….


more to come xo

Top of Table Moutain

Top of Table Mountain


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3 Replies

  1. Pamela Hayes Reply

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your journey! Life is full of ups and downs. We all have to learn to enjoy the ride!

    • MHAYES3107 Reply

      Thanks mom :)))

  2. Angela Blomberg Reply

    Life is not a destination but a journey… One step at a time. I know you’ll look back on your journey with no regrets because you pursued your joy. That is always a success.