Disruption Of Day Dreaming

Disruption of Day Dreaming

When was the last time you day dreamed? Was it while driving in the car, rushing to work only to be slowed by the slug of traffic? Was it while sitting high above the city line in your office, in between meetings and dreaming of being on a sandy warm beach? Waves crashing, cold drink in hand and consuming bottomless fresh made chips paired with creamy guacamole.

The last few years have flown and only seem to be speeding up faster and faster as life moves forward. Social media has been a huge part of my early to mid 20’s and has rapidly grown to use in my everyday life in the last 3 years. Whether I’m posting an image from a photoshoot to keep my followers updated with my current work as a model, or insta storying a sweet picture of my cousins climbing a tree. The immediate exposure to information of others lives and the sharing of mine, is always right there at our finger tips.

From time to time I like to delete Instagram and take a little  break. Ill often take note that when the app is downloaded, I am checking my feed at stop lights, scrolling while waiting at a restaurant for a friend, or visually consuming while laying in bed right before turning my lights out. During my 8 day  Instagram break, my hiatus has sparked a new awareness: I had lost the ability to day dream. You know the day dream where the most ridiculous things happen. You fantasize about waking up one day in a sea salted warm aired bungalow suspended above turquoise blue ocean. Or you’re dreaming of how amazing it would feel to wear a really fancy silk, long dress and hit the town for the night.

I distinctly remember being at the gym when I  had traveled to Australia 4 years ago for modeling contract. I would full on dream for the hour’s duration of my workout about meeting some handsome guy on the beach, going for romantic dinners and falling madly in love. I’d smile and find motivation from the context of the day dream and run faster and harder to the beat of the music blaring into my ears.

Noways days? I’m looking at my damn social media during that hour. I’m mindlessly scrolling through photos of others lives sometimes conscious or unconsciously comparing my life to theirs. The point of this posting was not to get off into a tangent about how social media  might affect how we measure our own happiness, but to bring awareness to how our brain has mushed into an automated consumer of photos and stories shared by others. There’s little room left to day dream because we’re busy taking in images instead of letting our mind wonder to What If?

What if I met the man of my dreams and he looked, smelled, sounded and felt liked X Y and Z. What if I took off to Paris on the next flight out? What would the city look like? How would the champagne and croissants taste?

I throughly enjoy doing little experiments in my own life whether it be taking a break from social media, or having a 5 month streak of no alcohol. Observing what comes up when replacing the that activity, with how it affects me.

I’ve had such a wondrous time this last week of day dreaming. I’ve day dreamed when I wake up, I’ve day dreamed while working out. I’ve had memories come up from my past that I had forgotten. Some memories wonderful, others not so. But with good always comes the not so great.

So I challenge you, reader, to just take a little break from The Scroll. Enrich your down time with journaling, meditating, day dreaming up some crazy dream vacation. It’s worth the break, I can promise you.


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