Desire Is In Men A Hunger, In Women Only An Appetite.

She was searching for an escape, a release, a quick hit to the high of the best feel good chemicals.

The dopamine rushed through the blood in her veins for weeks, taking her higher than she had felt it quite sometime.

There was a brightness and lightness to her days.

Everyday’s humdrum motions didn’t seem so tedious or dry. There was a strong, eager allure to keep herself strung high on the

dizzy, out of body ride.

But like any quick hit or rapid high, the pleasure’d wick started to fizzle out…


Did you ask yourself what it would feel like when inevitability the  fantasy met reality that early morning?


It crept in like a bad nightmare. You seem to have forgotten, from the dozen of dreams before, the washout when reality meets.

As she suppressed the uncomfortable “come down”, taking in all around her to soften the crash,

she found a comforting stillness and sweet dose of satisfaction.

As she peeled her self worth from the “highs” as a result from the treacherous, and oh so enticing masculine one.


You came. You felt. You peaked. You collided back into face your face body and lusty feet.


Thanks for dreaming…. xo


David Vaughn 2017