Coachella- How To Have A Healthy Weekend Away

WANNA GO TO COACHELLA  my friend Megan screeched into the phone. A company Megan and I work with, Runway Waiters, was teaming up with to promote their swim line in Palm Springs for Coachella. I looked at the clock and had the evening to prepare for our 8am departure  the next morning. This will have been my first time attending Coachella and I can’t say I’ve ever had it on my bucket list.. but ..when in Rome! Or Los Angeles.

Megan Nakata

I woke up extra early to get my road snacks together and desert essentials to stay healthy and hydrated. My go-to little blue lunch box was filled in no time with:

2 granny smith apples

2 rice cakes with peanut butter

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2 Trader joe’s pre-made salads



Gluten Free pretzels


85% dark chocolate

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Mixed nuts

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The apples coupled with the mixed nuts keep my blood sugar up and are super savory and crunchy after a bit of time on the road. I chose the cauliflower salad for my lunch option its currently my favorite pre-made dish. The mix of turmeric and cumin are super satisfying and grounding. The Gluten Free pretzels were the road treat to myself to mnuch on here and there.

We arrived to our hotel at The Saguaro Hotel, checked in and dropped our bags. Then we proceeded to get ready for the rest of the day.


I brought the following desert essentials:

The little bottle of sunscreen was PERFECT for after you apply your make up. It wasn’t sticky or greasy and kept my face protected. It’s an easy spray sunscreen and is small and portable for your handbag!
All my snacks and meals kept me full throughout the rest of the afternoon while hoping party to party for

That evening for dinner, some girls and I had a delicious Thai meal in town. I opted for a savory green curry with shrimp and veggies. Depending on how much coconut milk is used in the broth, this can be a higher calorie dish, but if you leave the sticky white rice out of the meal it serves as quite a healthy and satisfying dish.

When in the desert make sure to drink a LOT OF WATER!!!!
There’s nothing worse than having spent a day in the heat and sun and waking up the next morning dehydrated. Always have a water bottle in your hand and you’ll take sips throughout the day without even thinking about it.

The next morning before headed home to LA, we ventured to the little shops and restaurants off at La Plaza shopping area and stopped in at Raw Remedy Juice Bar for a pre juice before our reservation at Farm.

Our breakfast was full of colors and flavors and deeeeliousness all around. Eye appeal is half the meal 🙂

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