Chasing The Light- Modeling Photo Series x

hi all,

I write to you from the Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood. Had myself a little staycation last night in LA. After a weeks whirl wind of foggy emotions, miscalculated motions and a verbal outburst, my “flight” mode kicked in. Removing myself from the situation and seeking to escape reality a bit, I came to the hotel for a night of a little Rose drinking, comfy robe lounging and TRUFFLE FRIES. Dang, I’m really living. ha.

Last week I did a shoot with my friend Kelly Serfoss. I was inspired by a campaign for Paige Denim that my favorite model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shot. I share the photos with you now as a story with love, light and pure enjoyment of creating!

      x Chasing The Light x

She starts in the woods at Pan Pacific Park located in the Palisades just south of Malibu. The leaves and sticks crack beneath her boots as she fumbles around the wood, moving in and out of the penetrating rays cast by the sun. The birds are chipping, there’s a soft breeze blowing through the leaves. A sense of comfort and immense calm wash over her body.

She starts breathing. Feeling. Extracting the day’s stress and worries into the camera, leaving her raw self to be captured by the lense. There’s familiarity with the photographer behind the camera, allowing for that instant sense of safety she had so been longing to feel in her space of work.

The team moves up into the winding hills of the Palisades, searching for soft, shimmering  light. Inspiring conversations are exchanged along the ride. Words of movement and comfort around the ever changing, crazy  industry are offered.


We stumble upon an older building under construction. With a crack in the distressed, brown wooden door, we peak in to find a mess of construction tools and equipment. Placed awkwardly in the space between the wooden door and front door to the house, is a large bird cage. On the floor of the rusting cage is a white dove. The bird’s white feather ruffled in a funny looking way as it trots meaninglessly around the cage. What a peculiar property, I thought to myself. The house appeared vacant and forgotten. I wonder if the bird too, had been forgotten about…


We wound down the street to find this large aloe plant in front of a massive, industrial style house. Excitement bubbled to get this shot as my inspo photo was based off this plant.


Ending on a road off the PCH, the sun was setting. Achievement and happiness washed over me as we took our final shots. I love shooting and creating stories through photography. Shooting takes me to another place mentally and spiritually. My love for modeling has grown over the years and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to shoot with talented people such as Kelly. In beautiful locations around California.


Here’s to the next adventure……


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