Cape Town Release


My trip to Cape Town has come to an end. As I look back on the 2 months that I spent in this magical city I ask myself, “How do we feel about the trip as a whole?” Well, work didn’t pan out so well. I had one job in the 8 weeks time of being here. Part of me feels majorly disappointed. The positive optimistic side of me says, time to keep moving and growing and hoping for the best in the next market.

With a small fraction of my time being occupied by castings, test shoots and shooting a commerical, there has been space allowed to open up and let go of the control. I had life tightly wound around my finger before coming to Cape. While here, I’ve gained a new perspective and have opened up to learn and grow thus seeing deeper into myself. The quest for self growth is why I chose to come back to Cape Town in the first place. This place feeds my soul. It not only allows me time to self reflect but it embodies a free and open space to be nourished by it’s natures elements.

I came across a beautiful quote the other day that read:

“If your focus is on growth rather than on perfection, you will live in the now. You will dispense with superimposed values and find your own. You will dispense with subtle pretenses and superimpositions and with the hidden but nevertheless present attitude that you do what you do for appearance’s sake, rather than for yourself. Finding your own values leads to selfhood and away from self-alienation. This will bring you to a state of harmony with yourself; it will anchor you in yourself.”

From time to time, I suffer from striving to be perfect and with that perspective it means I think others should be perfect around me too. What we think and feel of ourselves are the lenses in which we see the world. I wish to work more on forgiving myself and continuing to be open to the wonderful people I have in my life. Loving them for them, and not trying to make them someone else.

Unconditional love and releasing the idea of perfection is a practice I plan to continue on the journey to loving myself unconditionally and those around me.

Simple and sweet.



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