Bora Bora Dream Trip

Photo from St Regis Website

The looming excitement and buzz of the up coming fantasy trip to the French Polynesia Islands was so close but so far away. 10 hours and 55 minutes of flight time were ahead of myself and 11 other girls traveling to Bora Bora for an unforgettable destination and location staying at the luxurious 5 star St. Regis Bora Bora Resort Us girls have traveled together with our LA based company, Runway Waiters, several times before in the last few years, but nothing was going to compare to the experience we were about to have on this magnificent island.

We descended in a small, small commercial plane over the cloud covered mountain of Bora Bora, poking our noses up at the window trying to take in the beauty of the island. The little islands surrounding the main mountain looked like little green freckles scattered across the multicolor ice blue ocean. We were finally here!!

Jet lagged and giddy with excitement we all zombied off the plane towards the water. The ocean surrounding us did not seem real. How can a body of water be that clear? The cocktail of blues were more than I could handle. We boarded a speed boat that whisked us from the airport dock out into the powder blue ocean. The water quickly changed with the depth of the ocean to a cobalt blue at the sea’s deepest point.


As we approached the the resort at the St Regis, large over the water bungalow villas caught our eyes. Oh man if we were to stay there….

Sure enough, we were! 4 girls to one massive bungalow. The sound of the water hitting the bottom of the floor is something ill never forget. Large sliding windows looked out over the ocean.


The trip entailed a merriment of beautiful fruit breakfasts, riding wave runners across the sea, four wheeling over the lush green mountains, stand up paddle boarding around to each villa, snorkeling amongst coral reefs, swimming with sharks and dining on some of the freshest fish I’ve ever tasted and endless amounts of Vino. The trip ended with couples massages before heading off to the airport.


I’m endlessly grateful to the opportunity to have traveled with such wonderful women to such a magical place. Life is superficially sweet sometimes…



Special thanks to Hugh and Tri at Network Capital for making this trip possible.

Thank you to Ernest Strum, the Founder and owner of Runway Waiters for bringing us girls all together. You’ve impacted my life more than you will ever know. Thanks for the past 5 years of employment and more importantly friendship.
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