Bikini Body Guide: Kayla Itness Work Out Review

Bikini Body Guide: Kayla Itness Work Out Review

I’m always on the hunt for a new workout routine that will challenge and change my body. With my line of work as a model, it’s important to keep my body healthy and toned! Last summer, I came across Kaya Itness profile on Instagram and was instantly intrigued by her clients before and after pictures when using her “Bikini Body Guide”. The transformations of different woman’s bodies blew me away and and I was ready for the challenge.

The PDF for the guide was easy to purchase and download to my computer. The PDF contained 12 weeks of a work out plan with vibrantly colored pages and easy to follow work outs.

How does it work?

Kayla strongly recommends to take a “before” photo and track your bodies progress every 4 weeks.

My favorite part of this work out program is you can pretty much do it anywhere and anytime. The beginning stages of the bikini guide requires little equipment. You’ll find yourself doing a lot of jump squats, ab bikes, and side crunches.

A days workout

Each work out lasts for 30 minutes, with two circuits that have 2×7 minute work outs. You begin circuit one with a timer set to 7 minutes and efficiently do 4 give exercise as many times as you can in the 7 minutes. It’s important to not rush through the exercise, as form and intensity for each stroke are key to a successful rep. After seven minutes is up, there is a one minute rest before circuit two starts. Each circuit is done twice.

I recommend using the glossary the first few days when starting the bikini guide. The guide clearly explains how to do each exercise correctly.

The first two weeks are honestly brutal. Your legs are weak and you get really, really hungry every few hours!

There is also a food guide that you can purchase to help with your diet! I highly recommend this!! Kayla worked with a nutritionist on the meal plans so everything is portioned out by measurements and calories.

Here is my progress taken below!

For my job as a model, there is always a lot of pressure to stay a certain size and keep your body in shape. The scary photo on the left (below) was the smallest I have ever been. It was taken the summer before when I was living in Miami and decided to try the no eating diet plan…… Not ok….. I shriveled away when I was only eating 1-2 meals a day and working out at least and hour to hour and a half at the gym. I was weak, always tired and my blood sugar started to act up on me dropping every few hours each day.


I couldn’t and didn’t want to live like I was. Depriving my body of nutrients and a balanced exercise routine. The photo on the right was taken after 4 months after doing Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide. I felt strong, confident and super happy with my body which reflected how I felt internally.


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