Get Up Earlier. Be Happier.

Hi beauties,

My alarm went off a 6:00am this morning and I groggily got out of bed to take a morning walk. Why in the world would I voluntarily be up this early to take a walk I was asking myself? Sleeping in feels so delicious and good.

I’ve been monitoring how I move through out my day and I was noticing that I always feel rushed. I’m rushing to get up. Rushing to get breakfast made and most days I eat it in the car (makes for a super messy and dangerous ride as if driving isn’t distracting enough). I rush through phone calls with friends. Rush through emails. I feel unorganized and unmotivated to get tasks done that need to be and I end up just feeling worn thin and ultimately not operating out of a clear, fully present mind set because i’ve been RUUSHHHED!

I had an experience at the bank the other day where it took 50 minutes to get some things sorted and walking out of the banking center, I felt super relaxed. This was weird I thought to myself. Talking about finances is anything BUT relaxing! I realized it was because I was forced to sit there without checking my phone, no social media, no emails, I couldn’t answer the phone, I wasn’t in traffic on the 405 highway in Los Angeles, I was fully present. How could I get more of these moments in my day?!

Thus sparked the idea to start getting up early again and GIVING myself time to do me. There is something extremely calming and magical when you get up before the rest of the world. The hot, intense sun isn’t beating down above you, birds are chirping and flying about. There’s a stillness. A zen energy in the air. The morning is full of possibilities . You get to be alone with you, which is so important to our well being.  With the craziness of social media pulling our attention at every minute, work, house duties, and just life, we need to set aside time to be with ourselves. The orange morning glow in the morning is one of the most beautiful colors in the sky. It represents birth, freshness, and nourishment to the body.

So, try getting up in the morning! Just a few days a week if you can and ease into the change of routine. You can jam to your favorite sound track, journal, meditate, make a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Take a yoga class, hit the gym, message a friend, ANYTHING you want to do because this time is for YOU.

Happy morning, early risers 🙂

Maddy x