A Beautiful Journey

Hi interweb,

I write to you from my kitchen table at my little cozy apartment in West Hollywood. My roommates and I refer to the 1926 fourplex as “Chateau Genesee”. The place has all the charm as that of a Chateau, minus the bottomless amounts of vino. As I sit in an almost pitch black dark room, merely lit by the Christmas tree glimmer coming from the living room, I am in complete stillness.

Internally and externally.

Earlier today I had a beautiful walk on the beach with my siblings. My brother has just recently moved to Los Angeles- Yahoo! I am so happy and excited to have him near! It feels like my life in LA has become even sweeter and homier now with his arrival. Whilst settling him in, I have also been entertaining my little sister. She rode out with my brother to help take turns driving. I can only imagine who drove each other nuts first 😉

Our walk on the beach happened spontaneously as we were just taking a drive up the PCH. As we drove up the PCH through Malibu, I felt a bit of lightness start to spread through my body. Here we were on a Wednesday early evening. Blasting music, laughing to and at one another, trying to create a vibe-y mood and sense of adventure for ourselves. There were no plans of where to go… ah well let me back that up. There WAS a plan made around 11am that morning to grab Thai food in Malibu. The urge to get out to the beach came upon me while I was at work. They’d love to get out to the coast I thought to myself.

Photo taken by my sister

The plans changed once the three of us got together. He who shall not be named (notice I said he) decided their palate was no longer in the mood for Thai.  One part of me saw it as a wrench being thrown at the plan, the other part saw opportunity and excitement at trying something new to eat. It’s the little things in life, am I right?! 

When you live in such a large, over populated, opportunistic city such as LA, it’s challenging to smoothly string the days plans together. You have to take into account, traffic, time of day, where does everyone live? How long do we plan to stay there? Will we hit rush hour? How bad will rush hour be? *Fast forward to the end of the night* my brother ended up walking the last mile home from our car because we were stalled in such a long traffic line to get to a slightly larger, more direct street taking us to his place in Venice. I could feel his anxiety rising as was mine that results from being stuck in slow ass traffic, only seeing the back of a Toyota license plate for 35 minutes. Walking seemed like a better use of energy  for him than seething vexation in the back seat.

That’s the kind of planning I’m talking about that motivates one to avoid these boring, frustrating mundane parts of life from happening.

In LA getting together around has to be an event. You can’t just go to Trader Joe’s. Make it something. Get coffee, see a friend in that area. When so much time is spent in the car, one would hope to get more from the drive than just sacks of food from TJ’s that inevitability melt by the time you get home. Make the most of the journey.

Ok, back to the beautiful part of this traffic-y boring mess.

We stepped out of the car at Point Dune beach, almost a mile from where I was planning to land with them. It was either pay $15 to get quite close to the landing destination, or park for free outside the lot and stroll along the beach. I opted for the group to stroll, unable to fore see that the stroll would become a  journey. After rolling up our jeans, and making a bit more fun at each other, we started off towards the cove. We found fun in rolling down the side of the sand cliffs, dogging the water from the tiding coming in and out as if it were hot lava. The stroll became a beautiful journey.

Which is why I found the evening to be so beautiful and full-filling. It was a journey. Not a quick get to point A from B. Not a planned- OK it will take 17 minutes from my place to yours, we need to avoid leaving yours by this time to get back to mine at that time. Blah blah blah blah blah.

With each step I became more present and more conscious of the waves around me. The ever pecking thought of worrying about material things and how my hair looked that day or obsessing about whether a pimple had gone down or not. None of it mattered during that journey. I have no idea how long it took to get to the cove. My sister would probably know as I’m sure she was counting every minute of the walk 🙂 Strolls are not among her teenage interests.

We climbed the super jagged, wet slippery rocks at the base of a cliff to the cove. During the Winter the tide is substantially higher than Summer months. So there was not much of a beach to stroll on. There was not a single soul there either. This wasn’t a spot or an evening you could have picked from a guide book or planned before hand. Here we were just us, in the moment, in nature. Taking in the golden sunset with massive raging waves crashing below us…

Moments like these tend to startle and make me question my every day life. Why do I constantly seek to find happiness in material things? Is it for status? For show? I knowwww I’d feel great riding around in a 2 door 3 series white BMW- my current material obsession.

The answer is, I don’t know. All I know is that unplanned collection of moments on the beach is what I’ll hold onto when I’ve slipped back into reality. Obsessing and stressing over small daily things. Yelling at the Tesla that cuts me off on the 405 highway, yes I have taken on slight road rage-y behavior… 🙂


Here’s to more beautiful strolls and journeys <3