hi all,

A few weekends ago, I completed a 3 day bone broth and soup cleanse. No solid food?! Yep, that’s right. No chewing involved here people.

The last time I did a liquid cleanse was January of 2017. For 5 days, I drank juices that were cold pressed at Erewhon’s Market. For those of you who don’t live in Southern Cali, Erewhon is an  all organic, whole foods market located in West Hollywood. It’s known for being ridiculously over priced and ridiculously delicious.

The juice cleanse was AWFUL. I was SO weak, SO  hungry and SO drained. My blood sugar spiked and dropped every hour and I truly felt like shit.

I’ve fallen off my dietary restrictions of avoiding gluten and dairy. So my motivator to try another cleanse came from my months and months of stomach pain and bloating as gluten and dairy give me major issues over time.  My system has been SO backed up. Yes, I’m talking about poo. My tummy has been bloated, angry and just unhappy. Ive felt trapped in my body because i’ve been so uncomfortable and bloated.

SO after coming back from an amazing trip to Cabo, full of indulging in mexican food, sushi, pizza, french fries, candy and lots of margaritas. Oh, and I can’t forget the chips and guac. I decided to try a cleanse to reset myself. My  week long feeling of being “full” was replaced by being super “hungry” by the morning of the second day of the cleanse.

For a 3 day soup and bone broth cleanse from Erewhon, you’re looking at paying $140.  You consume 2 bone broths a day and 3 soups a day. Let me tell you, they were so flipping delicious. They were packed with nutrients, fiber and good cabs. I felt hungry, but I was not in pain like I had been on the juice cleanse. My blood sugar was stabilized the entire weekend. So I didn’t have any crazy up and down moods.

I would say the evening of the 2nd day was the hardest. My body had figured out it wasn’t going to get solid foods, therefor making me quite HANGRY!

Over all, the cleanse was AMAZING and I would highly recommend for anyone to try! Whether you’re looking to get your system going, reset yourself from a crazy indulgent weekend or just wanting a little boost, a cleanse is the way to go. No only does it help you physically, but mentally getting myself through the tough times that weekend spilled over into other areas of my life.

Sometimes we don’t need that quick fix. Sometimes we need to just sit and observe the itch we want to scratch.  🙂


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