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Super excited to share with you details about my 21 days on the Ketogenic diet. Shortened as the “keto” diet, it has become increasingly popular for health lovers around the world. With it’s proven fast weight loss results and over all “better health” side affects, I had to take my go at it.

As always, I am curious to try new diets and health routines. I like the challenge and variety of new diets to see what works for my body, at any given moment in my life. At the end of August, that looked like searching for a diet that was going to help me loose a little weight and keep me toned for a big modeling trip end of September. In addition to staying physically fit, I have always had sensitive blood sugar. Generally, I can only go about 3-4 hours without food before I start getting shakey and weak. Sometimes full blown HANGRY woman takes over. Not pretty! So this idea of burning fat for energy on the keto diet instead of burning carbs, really interested me. Burning fat instead of carbs lowers insulin levels that are a result of regulating your blood sugar.

How I prepped:

I planed to start Day 1 on a Monday, so the Friday before I cut out chocolate, excessive carbs and fruits. I also cut out little sugar additives like mints, gum, Vitamin C gummies and kombucha. Chocolate and kombucha are everyday MUST HAVE samples in my diet, so I realllllllllllly struggled with this one from day one. Ill be honest, I was extremely crabby about the first week. It was NOT easy. The idea of eating so much chicken made me want to vomit. But hey, it was part of it. Sometimes life ain’t always easy!

The first week:

The first week I woke up a few mornings with a head ache and a bit of a nausea feeling. These side affects were not as intense as I read others have experienced, but I credit that to my already mostly healthy diet. It took 7-8 days to get into the groove of taking more time at each meal to prep and eat. I made sure to prep every 4-5 days with food in the fridge. When you’re hungry and on a restrictive diet, the LAST thing you want to have to do is think about what you’re going to eat. So be sure and PLAN.

The second and third week:

They were honestly a BREEZE! I was finally in the routine of what I was eating (recipes and grocery lists coming below, don’t worry) and I was seeing results rather quickly! My stomach bloating went down, and my skin started to finally clear. In the first week I lost 2 lbs of water weight. In the end I lost 3 lbs all together… but I wasn’t super proud or note worthy on that. I marveled at my abs FINALLY showing through! With no sugar or carbs in your tummy, your body starts to dehydrate just a bit, alas revealing some ab muscles. Which ill also counter that with saying drinking LOTS AND LOTS of water is CRUCIAL to staying healthy and well oiled on this diet.

Photo taken mid August

Photo taken mid Septemeber

Typical grocery list:

Basil, pine nuts, frozen salmon, frozen shrimp, organic chicken breast, almonds, cucumbers, red peppers, eggs, coconut oil, GHEE, olive oil, garlic, avocados, canned tuna, mustard, sparkling water, 100% dark chocolate, organic coffee, MCT oil, lettuce, asparagus, olives, olive tapenade, celery and lemons.

You can find endless recipes on the internet but I quite often made:

Homemade basil (minus the parmesan)

Sautéed chicken breast

Veggie Egg Frittata’s

Butter brew coffee

Snacked on: nuts, celery and olive tapenade


I also used an app called “My fitness pal” to track how many carbs, fats, and proteins I was consuming each day

This diet is not something to be sustained long term… your body really needs fruits and veggies to stay well balanced and healthy. But if you have something you’re getting ready for… vacation with family, a wedding, etc. I would highly recommend it for a quick way to see results.

Do a LOT of your own research and make sure to LISTEN to your body.

I was prepping for a modeling trip to Chicago and I was delighted with the results! 🙂


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Maddy xoxo

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    You’ve got more will power than anyone I know! ❤