Will We Meet Again?

I dream about you at night.

The dreams keep me in the fantasy for the next day coming. I dream about your air.

Your flare.

I dream about your hopeful nights, and easy mornings. My body aches for your terrain. Challenging hikes, streets with bikes.

My soul desires your low expectations.

My mind replays sleepless nights laying on boulders under the stars experiencing exploding stars. Life’s responsibilities were put on bayside, with no rush to be picked up again.

Friendships were made without the filter of judgement, stress or worry. The days were spent cruising about town amongst the locals. 

There’s a magic about the city, that people from all over the world come to see. I was at my best. My calmest. My purest. Amongst your people and lifestyle.

I was untouchable.

I fell in love. and let myself feel that love. I loved myself, my body, my soul.Untethered to my usual judgements. Usual requirements.

Have to look better here, or do better there. You felt forgiving, accepting. Unconditional.

Will I see you again, someday?

I sure hope.

As the time creeps by, lessons are learned and reality is knocking every moment it gets.

Will we meet again? In Sea Point? In Green Point? At any point?